Gamedex Co

Gamedex is a platform, similar to Steam, for digital collectibles and their games.

Multiplayer games


The Gamedex game store lets you find and play games which use your collectibles. Play for fun, or wager tokens for a chance at riches.

Multiplayer games


Buy and sell digital collectibles against our token on the Gamedex exchange, or trade directly with other collectors. Trades are global, fast, and free.

Why blockchain?

1. True Ownership

With blockchain, you truly own your digital assets. Other digital assets are merely an entry in someone else’s database. If you get banned, or the company shuts down, you’ve lost everything.

2. True Scarcity

Gamedex’s Limited Edition collectibles are truly limited, and you don’t need to take our word for it. Thanks to blockchain technology, an asset’s issuer can’t simply create more.

3. Trustless Authenticity

Counterfeiting digital assets is impossible. Everyone can trustlessly verify for themselves whether or not an asset is genuine.

Dutch Finance Minister Calls for ICO Regulations

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